pub trait HierarchyEditUtil: HierarchyEdit {
    // Provided methods
    fn clear_cell_instances(&mut self, cell: &Self::CellId) { ... }
    fn prune_cell_instance(&mut self, inst: &Self::CellInstId) { ... }
    fn prune_cell(&mut self, cell: &Self::CellId) { ... }
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Modifying utility functions for the cell hierarchy.. Import the this trait to use the utility functions all types that implement the HierarchyEdit trait.

Provided Methods§


fn clear_cell_instances(&mut self, cell: &Self::CellId)

Remove all child instances inside the cell.


fn prune_cell_instance(&mut self, inst: &Self::CellInstId)

Remove the cell instance and all cells which are then not used anymore.


fn prune_cell(&mut self, cell: &Self::CellId)

Remove the cell and all other cells which are then not used anymore.